Text in Depth Bible Study

(New 10-week Group until May 18)
You are welcome to join in for one session or stay for the whole study.

Host: Pastor Paul Woolverton

Location: ONLINE (Zoom)

Day/Time: Tuesday evenings 6:30–7:45 pm

Cost: None

Details: Weekly Scripture Study and Reflection

Discussion Small Group

Beginning Tuesday, March 16, at 6:30 pm, we will be offering our last weekly small group scripture study before the summer break.  This group is hosted by Pastor Paul Woolverton.

This opportunity is open to anyone who wishes to participate. Invite your neighbors and friends for a rich conversation exploring God’s Word for us in the days we are living in. This group will be for 10 weeks, then we will break for the summer.  This is a group that you can attend as you are able. No problem if you miss a week here or there, just join as you are able.

Materials for each week’s focus will be sent out several days in advance of the meeting time.  Register below.





Love is the Way

A Lenten Study based on the book by Bishop Michael Curry

Begins February 22 – 7 sessions

You might have been introduced to Bishop Michael Curry at the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. His preaching was electrifying. It was about the power of love to change the world.


This past year has revealed how fractured we are as a nation. There have been many small acts of generosity to be sure, and the service of our health care and front-line workers has been astounding.


And yet, the overall narrative has been one of enemy: you against me, cancel culture. Are you tired of it? I know I am. We have been short on grace, compassion, and kindness. I long for a world where we take the time to not just talk at one another, but truly listen to each other, see each other, and remember that we are all beautiful, beloved children of God worthy of love and belonging.


One person at a time, living the way of love, becomes a movement. This is what the Jesus movement looks like. Or, to put it in reverse, as Bishop Curry said: “If it doesn’t look like love, if it doesn’t look like Jesus of Nazareth, it can’t be claimed as Christian.” Because how do you know a Christian? By their love! Looking forward to a loving Lent with you as we lean into “Love Is the Way.”


Study: Love is the Way

Host: Pastor Paul Woolverton

Location: Online-Zoom

Day/Time: Monday, Feb. 22 – Introduction – 6:30 pm

Then Wednesdays, beginning Feb. 24—6:30 pm

If a book is desired, the cost is approximately $18.
Order through Cokesbury.com or Amazon.com

Book is encouraged as videos guide book discussions.
If a book is desired and personal funds are already stretched, we’d be happy to help, just let us know and we’ll do what we can to help with a book.