---New Here?

If you’re planning a visit to Bethlehem, here a few tips.
WE ARE GLAD YOU ARE HERE! We’ve been in your shoes. We admire that you’re on this journey. Relax. Dress how you want. Be yourself. You are welcome, just as you are.
WORSHIP is Sundays at 9 am. We’re at 665 Miller Ave SW in Hutchinson. That’s 2 blocks north of the Rec Center/pool.

FELLOWSHIP. We’re a social bunch. Many folks enjoy coffee, tea, and refreshments before or after worship. Food and beverages are welcome in the worship space. So if you need your jolt of java to wake-up, the Keurig is on and ready!

PARKING. We’ve got lots of parking and are handicapped accessible.
CHILDREN. Children of all ages are always welcome in worship. Currently, we are not offering nursery care, but we do have toys and activities you can bring into the service with you. We have a changing table available to use in our nursery restroom. 
HOLY COMMUNION. Communion is served on the first Sunday of every month and on all church holidays and feast days.
All are welcome at the table.
INCLUSION. We are a church of open minds, open hearts, and open doors. We’re NOT into labels. Liberal. Conservative. Independent. Whatever. This is church, not politics. We welcome all persons — whatever your place in life or faith journey. 

Check out our Facebook page and calendar to see upcoming events.