---We ARE the Church

Bethlehem is a warm and authentic community.
We offer a wide variety of opportunities to to connect, serve celebrate, heal and grow in your relationship with God and other human beings.

Worship Team


We don’t just go to church. WE ARE THE CHURCH. If you wish to become a part of our church or a volunteer to join us in service, study, or fellowship, the Bethlehem community is awaiting you with our open hearts. 



 We’re committed to serving our local community and those in need wherever they are. Check out our Facebook page and calendar for opportunities to join us in serving God and others.


Living a Christian life is a journey, not a destination. Bethlehem is committed to guiding you on your faith journey.


At Bethlehem, we do life together. We’re not just called to check in on Sundays, but to enjoy fellowship with one another. 


 At Bethlehem, we steward God’s resources well and take joy in our generosity.  


God’s love inspires us to be missionaries to the world around us. We offer mission trips each year. Here’s our Costa Rica mission team. Our next mission trip is to Midwest Mission in Pawnee Illinois.